Performers! Hey!

Yeah you guys. We’re adding a feature page for all festival performers. Three of them are already in place but changes and feedback are always welcome! You’ll find links to all performers in the main menu under “Bands.”

If you are performing, a band page will be made for you regardless, and I’ll scrape whatever media and information I can from your website/facebook/twitter/frederictonconfessions -BUT if you actually want to have control over it, just let me know! In fact, if you can provide me with higher quality media, or statements, band descriptions, etc, I’d much rather use those!

You may have noticed the main festival page has a fancy fuckin’ video slider from Hero’s Last Rite. Well, as much as we love Dan’s luscious locks and watching pointy Dean Razorbacks get shredded, this festival isn’t *all* about metal is it? That video is gonna be more varied, but I need some video links / files / clips to edit into that loop! A couple seconds from a show, a piece of a playthrough video, I don’t really care, just video.

TLDR: Bands, you’re getting pages to help promote this Festival, any content, criticism, or dank memes you can offer is appreciated.


Comment here, or HMU at