Panda Bee Catastrophe

  • 90’s Style Alternative from Fredericton
  • Members:┬áSarah McAdam – Vocals | Brain Olsen – Guitar | Greg Perry – Guitar | Andrew Flynn – Bass | Ivo Shandor – Keyboards | Tee Be Eh – Drums |
  • 90’s kids grown up playing the alternative rock songs we loved and the music it inspires us to create!

    With three solid hours of crowd-driving covers and an original album Consent is Sexy in the works, Panda Bee Catastrophe has been rocking audiences from bars and nightclubs to stages at both Future Forest music festival and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival.

    Fronted by a soulful rock singer with artful solos from a strong mixed rock and metal driven lead guitarist, funky bass lines carried through experimental lead bass style, rich baritone backup vocals from the rythym guitarist all filled out with a touch of classic keys and a driving drum beat keep Panda Bee Catastrophe fans dancing, drinking, and cheering for more!

    Covers ranging from No Doubt, Dropkick Murphys and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Jefferson Airplane, The Cranberries and Journey with a stage show packed with energy, impressive solos and a band chemistry that can’t be beat, Panda Bee Catastrophe is ready to ROCK your stage!